Testimonials for EFT

"Thanks so much for your effective sessions.  I got a lot more out of them than I expected.


I LOVED working with YOU!  You're energy is soothing and you're also light & funny at the same time.  Doing Skype was great because I didn't have to leave my house!.  The sessions were surprisingly effective in changing my agitated state and I could feel the changes in my body."

-Ruth - Los Angeles 



“ Esther is very warm and patient. I really enjoyed our session ”

-Allison - New York 



"The tapping is part of a larger effort to stay in my body rather than escape into my mind. Thank you for your help!" 

-Susan - North Carolina 



"I wanted to thank you.  The work you did with me served me well during the holidays. A huge payoff to keep within my own boundaries"

Rose - South Carolina 

"Amazing. Very loving and supportive. Also followed up with me after session."

-Sandy - Texas

"After successfully winning several rounds of interviews, I was then asked to take a few timed tests which I was petrified to do. Knowing I would be timed and not knowing the content to which I'd be tested, I froze. In two sessions, Esther helped me restore my confidence, stamina and ability to focus. (And I landed the job, too!)"

-Kim - New York

"I had several EFT sessions with Esther addressing Financial Issues and Pain in my neck. I was very stressed at the time & was having problems with my boss at a new job at the time.


I came to realize with Esther's help that I was holding onto an enormous amount of stress in my neck and pent up emotions inside having to do with conflict about wanting to quit this job and stay in the job because of money and security fears.


The EFT allowed me to release fear and stand in my truth and resolve the energy of conflict inside.


I then felt empowered enough to quit this job and stand up to my boss who was "bullying" me.


Months following I came into making many choices to change my career and go back to school to do what I really want with my life, the more empowered I felt to be my truth ..the better my neck felt eventually.


I see the EFT sessions as having resolved an obvious pattern I found my self in often and propelled movement forward toward living my truth.

- Carolanne - Brooklyn