What the critics say


"Friedman is a gutsy, larger-than life performer, with verve, pizzazz, and sharp comedic skills. Friedman is a dynamic writer-performer, definitely worth watching."



"But you don't need a long speech to master the moment...Her wordless transformation from being affronted to conceding the humor with the glimmer of a smile is masterful." Best Actress - ADWEEK/ ONLY VEGAS

"Esther Friedman moves beautifully and has a presence as she smoothly takes on her various roles, each one a study in ambiguity"  


"The television spot is highly suggestive - a group of women in a limousine giggling over some unspoken exploit: NY TIMES/ONLY VEGAS

" Esther Friedman also delivers a sharp portrayal as a drugged-up girl Friday." LA WEEKLY/ LICKING LIGHT BULBS

"Tomboys in Fishnets all-female comedy troupe excels at skewering male sterotypes without leaving a bitter feminist aftertaste" LA WEEKLY

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Book review

"Esther has found a formula for creating a successful one person show from scratch to a fulfilled production. She provides you the reader a road map for ways to achieve that success by helping you mlss the pitfalls that crop up in the creation and production of a one person show. Good resources material is also included. A must read for any actor who is interested in doing a one person show. "  James Long

You can still can get a copy if you always wanted to do a show or gift it to someone you know that keeps talking about it.