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Areas of Expertise

  • De-cluttering and organizing homes, individual rooms, closets, basements, attics, storage units and offices. 

  • Sorting items to determine what items to let go and what remains

  • Preparing for big moves. Packing/Unpacking. Removal of donation items.

  • Provide solutions and tips to help you maintain an organized life going forward.


I help to organize your space efficiently while creating a visually pleasing oasis. I can unpack your new home, stage your space in preparation for an event or a showing, or rearrange what you already have in order to redefine the space that you thought you knew. I can help you to minimize your belongings so you are only surrounded by the things you love and use! When we are finished, you will be filled with a brand new energy and ability to move forward in ways you never knew were possible. 

Before/After  Video -  I used my skills as a coach, great organizer and decorator. This takes being conscious , patient, sensitive and compassionate.  I sometimes use EFT - Emotional Freedom Techniques, great music and mantras to go through it. Check out before video then watch the after video.  Reach out to  me for a free phone consultation if you may need some help or know someone that does. Manhattan/ New Jersey/ Los Angeles.



Before & After




Esther organized & decluttered my home & after she was done I was like WOW! I feel like a different person, everything was organized to fit & flow with my lifestyle. So happy!  She arrived on time, worked diligently & was professional

Petronella L., February 2, 2019

Organizing, Packing & Shipping

I simply can't recommend this woman enough! I'm pretty sure there isn't anything she can't do: she thinks quickly on her feet, works faster than I can describe and with great efficiency, and comes up with creative solutions to complex problems and makes what she does look easy.  I additionally found her to be very trustworthy, very nice to be around and incredibly insightful.   A very stressful project became stress free because of Esther.   Esther was an absolute asset to my project - so much so that I hired her repeatedly and referred her to another project.  She's creative, organized, funny, efficient and a joy to be around; I'd hire her again in a second! If you want to hire superwoman, hire Esther! 

J M., January 4, 2019



We accomplished so much in a short period of time. In 4 hours we went through a closet, a room, and a hallway all filled with stuff. She sorted, I disposed, she organized, I put things away. It was a great system. We had two bags of trash, four big piles to donate, and a bunch of returns sorted out for me to do. Can’t wait until I can have her come again & we tackle the bedroom & closet! Thank you Esther!!

Megan P., October 20, 2018


Great organizer and very fast! Hired her twice already and will ask her again.

Sharon R., October 16, 2018


Esther is awesome and motivating! She works fast!

Diane P., October 07, 2018


Esther is literally a godsend. She has a talent for organizing and is fearless in addressing all aspects of organizing. She has vision for seeing how everything should be organized and de cluttered and then she is able to pack with ultimate efficiency. I can’t recommend her highly enough. If you’re feeling overwhelmed by any packing or decluttering, she’s the one to hire. Because of her my house is now organized and packed and ready for a move. Thank you!!

Cynthia D., August 30, 2018


I am a super intense kind of person and Esther made me feel so happy to have her in my home. She really helped me with the priority task of the day and I am hopeful to get her to work with me again. She is a gal in demand and there is a reason for that, because she is ready with enthusiasm to serve you and get the task done! Lucky to have had her help.

Amy H., June 14, 2018


Esther was such a help! She got my apartment back into working shape. She works fast, is very easy going and is a great problem solver!

Melissa G., March 28, 2018


Amazing organization skills. Incredibly fast. SO helpful!!

Brittany B., March 26, 2018


Esther was the calming and organized Wonder woman that was everything my scattered brain needed. A huge project was tackled quickly, efficiently, and with care. I can't recommend Esther enough.

Roberto C., January 21, 2018


Super efficient and awesome at organizing! Will definitely work with Esther again.

Mel O., January 16, 2018


Esther was absolutely amazing with clarity and tips on how to organize my home! I have a much better and organized apartment and peace of mind! I would work with Esther again!

VIDHISHA M., January 13, 2018


Esther is the best organizer I have used. She is a professional, efficient, hard working and helpful person. I could not have completed this job without her help and support. I highly recommend her!

Jessica M., December 18, 2017


Esther was awesome! Helped to organize a messy closet. Gave input, ideas, and executed efficiently. Will reach out to her again for help!

Brittany B., December 04, 2017


Esther was absolutely incredible. So nice and non-judgmental and took on a large task with no complaints. She organized my disaster of a bedroom perfectly and made sure to come back the next day to complete it. Would definitely recommend her and hire her again. Thank you Esther!

Maddy L., October 30, 2017


Esther did a great job helping me sort, organize. She knows just what to do. Her calm and cheerfulness I particularly appreciated, and the fact that she could quickly assess the best way to help me. Highly recommend!

Deborah O., September 06, 2017


Thank you for your help Ester. You where a great help!

stephen m., July 21, 2017


Esther is the best!! So great!! So helpful!!

Erin H., July 07, 2017

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