“Ah The Artist Way ... I love it ! Thanks to you and this journey I will soon launch my YouTube Channel about photography ! “ - Eugene D




“Before the Artist Way I was unemployed, lost, confused, scared, worried, etc. No job. No prospects. Blocked. Sad. What made me sign up was meeting Esther serendipitously. Since joining the group I had the privilege of spending a year exploring my creativity, getting to know different facets of myself, and I got a job!”  - Irene B


“The support of the group was super helpful for me to get more out of the book. This group was awesome. It totally felt like a really safe space to admit the things you might otherwise be self conscience about and I think a lot of that was because everyone dared to be vulnerable. “ Tara Q


“I like that as a group we are creative and spark creativity in each other. I liked the outings we had…” Michelle M


“The biggest breakthrough I got from doing The Artist Way was the realization that I could be doing a lot more with my time and energy. The realization that more can come from my efforts than my strategic plans would have me think.”


“What I like most about The Artist Way was the community I got from the other people doing the same course.”


“What I would say if someone wanted to join the group... DO IT!!!!! YOU WON'T BE SORRY!!!!”


“I would describe being in the group as, UPLIFTING, EMPOWERING, FUN!”